Karen Jiménez Findley's Heavenly Celebration at Andrews University Art Gallery

Karen Jiménez Findley's Heavenly Celebration at Andrews University Art Gallery

Last night marked a truly remarkable event at Andrews University's Harrigan Hall Art Gallery, where the talented artist Karen Jiménez Findley showcased her captivating artworks in an atmosphere filled with the joy of celebrating God's promises of Heaven. The event not only displayed the artistic brilliance of Karen but also served as a night for students, faculty and staff come together and celebrate their unity in Jesus.

Karen Jiménez Findley, a young and highly creative artist, conveyed a profound biblical message through her artwork. Attendees were treated to a visual feast of pieces that beautifully expressed the Eternal Kingdom of God. Among the standout pieces was "Jacob’s Ladder," a work that invited viewers to closely examine the intricacies of the ladder, prompting contemplation on spiritual themes.

The evening took on an extra layer of significance as it coincided with Karen's 25th birthday. The celebration included a delightful cake, adding to the already bountiful spread of savory and sweet refreshments. It was a heartwarming touch that added to the festive atmosphere of the event.

The evening not only celebrated artistic talent but also served as a reminder of the power of art to convey spiritual messages and bring people together in unity. 

John Wesley Taylor V , wife Miriam Taylor and Karen Jimenez Findley

Photo Credit: Snap Aisle  

Esther R. Knott, Associate Director for the NAD Ministerial Department and Trevelee Rowe 

Debbie Michel and husband Jean-Ires Michel (Director of Communication and Editor of the Lake Union Herald)

Karen Jimenez Findley and Daniel Weber (Department Chair Assistant Professor Film/Communication at Andrews University) 

Heber Garcia , Karen, Azucena, Gina, Heber Jr. and Christopher Findley

Karen Jimenez Findley and Christon Arthur provost of Andrews University

Daniel Innocent Pastor & MDiV student at Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Photo Credit: Snap Aisle  

Karen Jimenez Findley and Timetta Wilson Photo Credit: Snap Aisle  

Photo Credit: Snap Aisle  

Christopher Findley, Karen Jimenez Findley and Jeremi Powell of All In

Photo Credit: Snap Aisle  


Special Thanks to our Friends : 

Alyx Halsey Assistant Professor Fine Art/Ceramics

Ariel & Shannon Delgado - Music & Visual Presentation 

John & Anam Garcia 

Jeremi Powell & All In 

Special Programing & Coordination: Foluke Arthurton


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